Is Your Mom On Drugs?


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The Patient Narrative

To her loved ones, it was as if their beloved Fervid vanished overnight.
Yes, Fervid Trimble was 87 years old. She was ill with an apparent flu. Yet she'd been sharp as a tack just days before, living independently in her own apartment.
A worried phone call from Fervid had been enough of a concern for family to initially take her to an emergency room for assessment. She was dehydrated, so she was given fluids and sent home.
The next day, with symptoms persisting, Fervid was transferred to the healthcare centre attached to her seniors complex to recuperate. Everyone expected she'd be back home in no time.
"What actually happened is she started getting a lot worse," says Fervid's daughter-in-law, Johanna Trimble. "When I say worse, I mean cognitively."

Shifting How We Support Seniors in Residential Care -- An Opportunity for Collective Action

On January 18, 2013, the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council invited key stakeholders from across the province to join together in a day of meaningful discussion around:

  1. The meaning of dignity in care, with a special focus on more appropriate use of antipsychotics,

  2. The current state of antipsychotic use by people living in residential care in BC,

  3. An overview of work currently underway throughout BC, nationally and internationally to identify opportunities for alignment as well as learning from others,

  4. Envisioning an ideal state whereby more appropriate use of antipsychotic medications can be achieved, and

  5. Framing a call to action that will ask teams from residential care facilities in BC to join our initiative.

Johanna Trimble